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Mac, iPhone and Web Education at a Distance
Mac, iPhone, and Web Education
at a Distance
Trevor Prentice

Digital Educator Extraordinaire

Trevor has the unique ability to teach any age from one to one hundred (and beyond) without using fancy jargon or making his students feel intimidated! He is also a certified nerd: he has a masters degree in Rocket Science, can solve a Rubik’s Cube, creates spreadsheets in his free time, and grew up building computer programs for fun. He has taught exciting science educational programs to all ages at the TELUS World of Science Edmonton for many years.

Customer Review

"I’m 66 years old and didn’t have much experience with computers. Trevor has been a blessing for me. He opened up a whole area of computer technology that was totally foreign to me and slowly made me acquainted with different aspects of programs (Word, Excel, Acrobat, etc.). I feel very confident of myself now and can take care of day to day issues of this tech world myself. You will be in very good hands with Trevor." - Pam, Parabelle Properties


  • Start with a good foundation: Trevor will gauge your current skill level and ensure you have an understanding of the basics to make learning more far easier.
  • Fun and Flexible: With custom, one-on-one sessions, we can jump around as needed. Trevor’s enthusiasm enables fun, casual sessions.
  • You direct the focus: We start with areas you need to learn right away to help you efficiently achieve your current personal and professional priorities.
  • No judgement: There’s no such thing as a dumb question! Ask Trevor everything you were afraid to ask previously. He avoids and explains technical language.
  • Learn how to learn: Trevor will empower you to troubleshoot issues yourself so that you eventually don’t need him! He also provides “how-to” notes from each lesson.
  • Remote: Given the current pandemic, Trevor’s sessions are all currently remote. Don’t let that intimidate you! Introductory sessions start with a simple phone call.

Training Areas

  • Online Meetings: Trevor can put you in control of your virtual social interaction by teaching the ins-and-outs of Zoom and other video conferencing applications (Google Meet or Hangouts, Google Classroom, FaceTime, Discord, etc.). Trevor will even give you pointers on etiquette and lighting.
  • Digital signatures: Learn the different options (Preview, Adobe Acrobat, or printing and scanning) for securely signing documents on your computer and the potential risks.
  • Email attachments and other files: You likely don’t have all your papers scattered over your desk and floor; let’s get your digital files organized too! Trevor will show you where attachments and downloads should go and how to find them later.
  • The mysterious “cloud”: Trevor can clearly explain how cloud storage works and will help set you up with the best option for you (OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc).
  • Excel and Word: Ever wondered how a colleague made a specific Excel or Word document? Learn how and even clean up and improve on their version!
  • Digital Marketing: Have a business or side project but don't know how to set up a website, social media, email at your domain or online ads? Trevor can help you make it happen without breaking the bank!
  • And much more - just ask!


Introductory Session     $100     $49 +GST     
Schedule your 30 minute one-on-one introductory session now to get to know Trevor and to gain confidence in using your computer!

Training Sessions     $200 +GST / hour
After your introductory session, schedule one or more private one-on-one sessions (1-3 hours in length) at your convenience.

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Trevor Prentice
Digital Educator Extraordinaire
Whiverwill Technology Training

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